10k Training

The Great Western Runners 10k Towpath Mob match is Friday 14th July. We have traditionally taken part in this event and the club  pays the entry fee for all members taking part.

We have put together a 6 week training plan for members to follow in the build up to the event . This is aimed at those members wishing to improve on their current 10 k race times or those for who this maybe their first 10k race and are looking to increase confidence. The plan which starts Weds June 7th includes a Weds and Fri session and a weekly homework session. The plan includes interval, fartlek, hill sessions and a weekly longer/easy run.

There are 16 sessions in total in addition to the race. This includes homework. I appreciate that very few of you will be able to make all the sessions. We all have other commitments. But don’t let this  stop you joining the programme. If you can’t get to the club you can still do a  session at your convenience or buddy up with another club member (s)

Listed below are the details of the sessions and target race times with the exact minute per mile required and target paces for the long run and interval sessions. These will also be on the notice board at the club. These will all be coached sessions and given we are using specific target paces we will likely have to split into separate training groups.

Top 6 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

Training Schedule

Pace Times

  1. Before you start the training you need to decide on what 10k race time you think you might be realistically able to achieve. This will determine the pace that you will run for the training sessions.
  2. Once you have decided upon the race time look it up in the Finishing Time column on the table below.
  3. Make a note of the times in the other columns for your:
    • Race pace
    • Easy / Long pace
    • Interval pace
    • 400 metre time


Top 6 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training

1. Extra Free Time

Interval training is the most efficient form of cardio, and can deliver benefits much more quickly than typical cardio workouts. In fact, research shows that 27 minutes of HIIT performed three times per week delivers the same aerobic and anaerobic results as 60 minutes of regular cardio performed five times per week. Interval training can also get you in shape more quickly, a mere two weeks of high-intensity intervals can improve your aerobic capacity as much as six to eight weeks of endurance training.

2. More Calories Burned

In terms of weight loss, intervals are more effective than long, slow endurance exercise. The intense effort you put in means that your body must work harder to recover, so you’ll burn more calories in the 24 hours after an interval workout than you would after a slow, steady run. During those 24 hours after high intensity interval training, your body can also produce up to 450 percent more human growth hormone, which increases caloric burn and even slows down the ageing process.

3. A Big Smile

Interval training creates a surge of endorphins, the natural opiates your brain produces as a result of difficult exercise. Because of its short bursts of strenuous activity, interval training drastically boosts endorphin production, so you’ll experience a true “runners high” and will feel happy and energised after your workout.

A man and a woman running

4. Increased Speed and Endurance

Interval training stimulates several physiological changes that can lead to greater speed, and stamina. For example, HIIT helps your body learn to burn lactic acid more efficiently – allowing you to exercise for a longer period of time before fatigue sets in. Interval training makes it easier to go farther and faster with more energy, and will also help with your other cardio activities.

5. A Healthier Heart

Although high intensity intervals accelerate your heart rate, HIIT can actually decrease strain on your heart. Over time, cardiovascular exercise can increase your heart stroke volume, or the amount of blood that your heart pumps per beat. Interval training maximises cardiovascular benefits, so it can quickly increase stroke volume, making your heart stronger and more efficient. HIIT also maximises the other benefits of cardiovascular exercise, including decreasing your risk of both heart disease and high blood pressure.




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