President (Honorary Role) – Colin Axford

ChairpersonJames Rennie

For general information about the club please contact James Rennie.

Club SecretaryJulie Boynes

TreasurerRachael Whitlock

Membership SecretaryJan McCall

For information about club membership please contact Jan McAll.

Club CoachRich Finch

For information about our training and coaching please contact Rich Finch

Supporting Members (Website / Facebook / Social Events / General Comms etc)

Anita Chard, Di Cave, Tracy Watson, Will Gray, Gaz Keen, Lydia Haslewood

For club kit – please contact Di Cave

About the Committe Members

Rachael Whitlock

Hi all, I am relatively new to running.  I re-started exercise in my 40’s after nearly 3 decade hiatus of inactivity since leaving school. 

Running opened up a new world to me and I have made lots of new friends through it.  I wont ever be the fastest or win any major titles, but that’s not what it is about for me. 

Running is about helping me manage my work life balance and keeping relatively fit.  It is about meeting

Anita Chard

My name is Anita – I support with social events and general committee tasks.

I joined hogweeds 5 years ago, I would consider myself a social runner, running up to 10k.

I enjoy running and staying fit and the friendship groups I have made.

The best part is achieving my own personal goals, which is why I attend every Wednesday and do my part in supporting the committee.

Di Cave

I run to keep fit and to socialise, and whilst not the fastest (nor the youngest) it’s been great to join a group of people who encourage everyone to do their best.

Although I sometimes run on my own, it’s really nice running with a group – I’ve explored parts of Chipping Sodbury and Yate which I would never have done on my own. 

I sometimes do Parkrun and I’ve also entered a few 10k races (a highlight being Westonbirt) which is something that I probably wouldn’t have done without encouragement.

I go to the Wednesday sessions where there are running options to suit everyone – sometimes I go just to chat and jog with friends, and other times I push myself to join a group that’s going a bit faster or farther.  It depends what sort of a day I’ve had at work, but whatever I choose to do it certainly blows away the cobwebs!

Gaz Keen

Greetings – I joined Hogweeds in the summer of 2016 after almost 30 years on non-running (I represented my school at 800m, 1500m and Cross Country but quit when I discovered pubs!)

It was the best thing I’ve ever done, as it reacquainted with a love of running that I’d had in my youth.

The club is so friendly and welcoming, and it didn’t take long before I gained confidence and fitness running with others.

Since joining I’ve entered 5k, 10k and half marathon events as well as my favourite – The Cotswold Relay which the Hogweeds participate in as a team.

The wealth of advice from members is invaluable and it’s also as much about friendship with a fantastic social side to the club.

It’s rare for me not to bump into a Hogweed on Chipping Sodbury high street or in Yate town.

For information about our races and events please contact Dave Stott

Any other information please email the following: Hogweed Trotters

Club Constitution / Risk Assessment / Bylaws

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