Happy 22nd Birthday – Hogweeds Did Parkrun!

The Hogweeds turned out in force for Parkrun on Saturday 22nd October to celebrate the 22nd birthday of the founding of the club.

22 Birthday Cake

Members volunteered as marshals, participated in the run and celebrated afterwards with a tea and cakes, with a special 22 shaped cake baked by Sarah which was simply delicious!

Special thanks to Anita for overall organisation of the event and to Jan who designed the flyer which were using to recruit new members.

We’re all looking forward to the 23rd anniversary!

Hogweeds at parkrun 15/10/2022

Well done to all Hogweeds running at the Chipping Sodbury parkrun this week. Here are the results in both alphanumberic and age grade order.

NameAge GroupTimeAge Grading2022 BestPB
Martin BerryVM 45-4925:0756.87%23:3222:22
Steven CoxVM 50-5422:3866.79%21:2121:01
Sonia CrossVW 60-6428:0069.29%28:1127:50
Lesley HardingVW 65-6925:3484.29%25:3424:54
Lucy HillSW 30-3426:4055.50%24:4824:48
Rachael KeenVW 50-5429:3758.02%28:2424:27
Rob PeastonVM 45-4926:2955.25%24:1824:17
Dale WebbVM 50-5425:2959.78%24:2123:51
Sandy WebbVW 55-5938:1948.54%35:0732:02
Andy WilliamsVM 65-6933:0150.78%30:3826:30
NameAge GroupTimeAge Grading2022 BestPB
Lesley HardingVW 65-6925:3484.29%25:3424:54
Sonia CrossVW 60-6428:0069.29%28:1127:50
Steven CoxVM 50-5422:3866.79%21:2121:01
Dale WebbVM 50-5425:2959.78%24:2123:51
Rachael KeenVW 50-5429:3758.02%28:2424:27
Martin BerryVM 45-4925:0756.87%23:3222:22
Lucy HillSW 30-3426:4055.50%24:4824:48
Rob PeastonVM 45-4926:2955.25%24:1824:17
Andy WilliamsVM 65-6933:0150.78%30:3826:30
Sandy WebbVW 55-5938:1948.54%35:0732:02

Hogweeds at parkrun 18/09

Well done to all the Hogweeds who ran at Chipping Sodbury parkrun this week and congratulations to Simon Boyer and Alex Hudson for setting new Personal Bests!

NameAge GroupTimeAge Grade %2022 BestPB
Di CaveVW 60-6427:4170.08%27:4127:34
Kim FreestoneVW 55-5927:5464.87%27:5425:42
Kevin RawlinsVM 50-5424:4159.76%23:2923:29
Ian FreestoneVM 55-5925:5759.73%25:5723:09
Josh AgaseeSM 35-3922:1059.47%21:2121:21
Rob PeastonVM 45-4924:4859.01%24:1824:17
Simon BoyerSM 35-3923:2857.32%23:2823:28
Alex HudsonVM 40-4425:0656.04%25:0625:06
Lucy HillSW 30-3426:4655.29%24:4824:48
Philip ShippVM 60-6429:3254.29%29:3127:37
Dale WebbVM 50-5429:2451.42%24:2123:51
James SmithVM 40-4431:4643.28%29:3228:55
Sandy WebbVW 55-5948:0338.19%35:0732:02

Hogweeds at parkrun 10/09

Well done to all Hogweeds who ran at the Chipping Sodbury parkrun this week and congratulations to Kev Rawlins for setting a new Personal Best!

NameAge GroupTimeAge Grade %2022 BestPB
Caroline LavisVW 75-7924:2399.45%24:2323:39
Pat CurtisVW 65-6922:0992.93%22:0921:16
John CurtisVM 65-6919:0188.17%19:0118:46
Lesley HardingVW 65-6925:5882.99%25:5824:54
Sylvia CrumpVW 65-6930:1971.08%27:4126:23
Di CaveVW 60-6428:0169.24%27:5627:34
Lisa McCrea-SteeleVW 40-4422:0769.18%20:5420:54
Gill SmithVW 75-7935:1868.70%35:1829:50
Julie BoynesVW 50-5425:2468.57%24:2124:01
Sonia CrossVW 60-6429:0066.90%28:1127:50
Damon MachinVM 45-4921:5866.08%21:3420:52
Steven CoxVM 50-5423:1065.25%21:3721:01
Kevin RawlinsVM 50-5423:2962.81%23:2923:29
Lesley GavinVW 45-4926:0962.59%24:0721:24
Dale WebbVM 50-5425:4658.67%24:2123:51
Dave MedcroftVM 45-4924:4058.38%24:4022:12
Lucy HillSW 30-3426:3556.67%24:4824:48
Rob SmithVM 75-7935:1953.66%27:5026:25
Philip ShippVM 60-6430:1752.94%29:3127:37
Andy WilliamsVM 65-6931:5552.53%30:3826:30
Sandy WebbVW 55-5938:2847.70%35:0732:02
Lynne PrettyVW 60-6443:1546.17%39:0635:00

Hogweeds at parkrun 03/09

Well done to all Hogweeds who ran at the Chipping Sodbury parkrun this weekend and congratulations to Caroline Nicholas for setting a new personal best!

NameAge GroupTimeAge Grade %2022 BestPB
Caroline NicholasVW 40-4419:0280.39%19:0219:02
Fiona EatheringtonSW 30-3421:3768.62%21:3421:04
Sonia CrossVW 60-6428:4767.40%28:1127:50
Jane GlasspoolVW 55-5927:3967.27%27:3923:35
Damon MachinVM 45-4922:0365.84%21:3420:52
Steven CoxVM 50-5423:1964.83%21:3721:01
Anita ChardVW 60-6433:0259.59%31:3128:44
Rob PeastonVM 45-4925:4256.94%24:1824:17
Jane EntricanVW 45-4929:2454.54%28:5525:48
Philip ShippVM 60-6429:3154.32%29:3127:37
Andy WilliamsVM 65-6932:0752.21%30:3826:30
Lucy HillSW 30-3428:4651.45%24:4824:48
Lynne PrettyVW 60-6444:0245.34%39:0635:00
James SmithVM 40-4433:4240.80%29:3228:55

Hogweeds at parkrun 27/08

Well done to all the Hogweeds who took part in Chipping Sodbury parkrun this week.

NameAge GroupTimeAge Grade %2022 BestPB
Gill SmithVW 75-7934:1270.91%35:5329:50
Di CaveVW 60-6428:2768.19%27:5627:34
Jane GlasspoolVW 55-5927:5466.67%27:4323:35
Rob SmithVM 75-7930:0163.13%27:5026:25
Mike HeffernanSM 35-3921:5461.87%21:0620:21
Rob PeastonVM 45-4925:4856.72%24:1824:17
Andy WilliamsVM 65-6933:0450.71%30:3826:30
Sandy WebbVW 55-5937:4548.61%35:0732:02

Hogweed Trotters make History!

Hogweed Trotters Running Club are making history through the selection of three of their runners representing England in the Bristol 10k International Race on Sunday 25th September.

Master Athletics start at age 35 moving in five-year Age Groups to 89 and to compete as a Master Athlete for England, you have to qualify and then be selected.

England Athletics’ selection process opens opportunities for England Athletics registered club runners, such as members of Hogweed Trotters, to achieve their full running potential and ambition.

The three Hogweed Trotter runners (picture above) selected by England Athletics are:

Caroline Lavis started running aged 67. Parkruns at Chipping Sodbury were her starting point in 2014, from which a slow progressive career blossomed.

By 2019 in the Veteran Women 70-74 age category, Caroline improved to being one of the fastest parkrun runners in the UK. 

To qualify for this year’s Bristol International 10k Caroline travelled to Chessington in Surrey and finished 1st in her age group. 

This will be Caroline’s fourth England selection. This demonstrates what can be achieved through hard work and membership with Hogweed Trotters club.

Pat Curtis started running in her 50’s and went on to gain her first England vest by qualifying in the Valentines 10k at Chessington, Surrey in February 2022. She was the 1st England Athletics registered athlete earning her rightful place in the England Team for the England v Wales at the Bristol International 10k.

Pat was the 1st VW65-69 lady finisher in the recent Hogweed Trot 10k and Berkeley 10k this year. Together with Caroline, she competed in the National British Masters 5k road relay championship at Sutton Coldfield being placed 2nd of all UK clubs.

Pat has been a stalwart member of Hogweed Trotters for over 17 years being involved in coaching and helping the club in many ways.

Mary Derrick comes from a triathlon background with swimming, cycling and running experience. She has also been a county level hockey player, illustrating that Hogweed Trotters attracts members from any sporting background.

In the five years that Mary has been a member of Hogweed Trotters her times have consistently improved culminating in her England Athletics International selection. Mary qualified for her England Athletics Masters place at the Bourton-on-the-Water selection 10k race in February 2022.

Hogweed Trotters is a club for everyone wishing to run. Hogweed Trotters Club includes members of various age categories and mixed abilities. Whilst providing opportunities to excel to an England Athletics standard, the club also caters for members seeking to get and keep fit and enjoy their social well-being.